Commercial Garden Maintenance 

Keeping your gardens in their best shape

Our Benefits

Our commercial clients expect only the most comprehensive and feature-packed commercial gardening services in Perth and we strive to provide those every time. From complete management of gardens to green waste control and more, we’re the team for commercial gardens.

Quick Response Times
In commercial settings, we understand that public safety is vital. If you’ve been notified of falling limbs, trip hazards or issues with sprinkler systems at a storefront or an apartment complex we’ll be on site as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

Minimal Disturbance
It’s understandable that our commercial clients prefer loud noises and disturbance be kept to a minimum, especially in retail and investment property environments. We take these requests seriously and do our best to remain as unobtrusive as possible while undertaking our commercial gardening services.

OHS Compliant
In line with public safety, our services are also OHS compliant which means our commercial clients can rely on our services to keep their shoppers or customers safe when using their parklands and city green space. All hazards from trips to low-hanging limbs are taken care of.

One-time Communication
As commercial customers are often time poor, we’re more than ready to move forward with projects after just one point of contact. We don’t require continuous contact and won’t be relaying updates and messages throughout the process. We take our project guideline, get the job done and let you know once it’s complete.

Irrigation Maintenance
There often comes a time when sprinkler system pipes burst or systems fail to come on, leaving grasses and trees wilting. The InTune Landscaping team has experience with all major types of irrigation systems and offer maintenance services to repair, replace or reinstall underperforming systems.

General Commercial Gardening Services
For commercial clients looking for general maintenance services that don’t require ongoing garden maintenance but rather leaf blowing, vacuuming and branch or frond removal then you can rest assured because we do this too. We work to leave parking spaces and footpaths free of leaves and other debris so there’s no chance of tripping hazards or an untidy storefront.

Additional FAQ’s

What times do you offer commercial services?

We work to ensure our commercial gardening services in Perth are as flexible as possible. We understand that some businesses have times of the day where potential chainsaw or lawnmower noises aren’t acceptable and we adhere to that.

To make the most of our flexible commercial gardening services, reach out to us a few days prior to your expected first meeting from us and let us know the times you’d prefer the team arrive. We will adjust our usual schedules and be ready for an early morning, late afternoon or early evening service should you request it.

Are services all-inclusive?

We’re pleased to say that all of our services are priced as one – if scheduled in advance. That means commercial clients can plan ahead for our pricing and will know exactly what their commercial gardening invoice will be. If our services take longer than expected, require additional machinery or if there is more green waste to dispose of, you can rest assured that your final invoice will remain the same as what you agreed to.

Do you offer additional services to repair storm damage?

Yes. If your business’s landscaping is damaged by a severe storm and there are damages trees, turfing or any other issues you’ll be able to reach out to us to take care of these problems.

Keep in mind that depending on the location and severity of the storm we may have multiple requests for repairs and therefore our other commercial gardening services in Perth may be delayed.

What our customers say

“The past few years of neglecting our storefront really caught up to us when customers started noticing spiders and bugs through the glass in our waiting rooms. The commercial landscapers didn’t only pull away all of the overgrowths, but completely changed the look of our whole store with new types of plants, a footpath and rock features”. 5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Alexander, Leederville