Commercial Landscape Design

Our Benefits

The InTune Landscaping team consists of a highly experienced and qualified team of urban designers, horticulturalists and landscape architects who are experts in their respective fields. Our commercial landscaping design services are extensive and focused entirely on customer experience, aesthetics and our client’s performance. 

Upfront Fee Outlines
We’re more than happy to offer our potential commercial customers with all the information they need to move forward. If you’re looking for an in-depth fee outline with projected overall costs or a timeframe before we begin our landscape design service, we’ll make it a priority to hand this outline over to you.

Site-specific Landscape Design in Perth
Unlike competing businesses, we tailor design every commercial landscape to suit our client’s needs. There’s no such thing as one size fits all approach with us and that means we work tirelessly on creating a space that suits your unique storefront, customer base as well as the environment you operate within.

Regulatory Compliant Designs
As all commercial landscape designs are required to pass a rigorous safety approval process, we work around ensuring our designs are safe from the start. This safeguards our commercial clients from being trapped in regulatory limbo and dealing with delayed project start dates. Depending on each individual project, we may be able to fast-track the approval process.

Concept-only Services
If you’re already partnering with a designer or installation team for your commercial landscaping, we can provide preliminarily concepts for you. Our concepts will still remain developed in accordance with regulation and ensure you and your professional landscapers have a solid plan to follow and can rely on. The InTune Landscaping team also work in conjunction with other teams should any assistance be required.

Comprehensive Site Assessments
For large commercial spaces we understand how difficult it can be to predict or formulate a landscape idea. Our urban designers take it upon themselves to thoroughly analyse commercial spaces and determine the best course of action that will result in a sustainable, eye-catching design that enhances commercial businesses.

Tendering Services
Oftentimes large scale projects require entire teams of contractors to work in sync together. We take charge in all of the tendering and contracting services unless our clients request otherwise. This ensures that we have direct lines of communication to the team at all times and makes certain we’re able to meet deadlines and levels of quality that we stand behind.

Additional FAQ’s

What is the general commercial landscape process?

The initial phase of the commercial landscape design process begins with a consultation where our clients are able to relay to us their vision for the space and what they’d like to see it transformed into. We then follow on from this by creating an idea board of sorts that includes sample landscapes, colour tones and plant species that are in our client’s vision.

In the days following the consultation, we head to the site for analysis and to determine the feasibility of our client’s visions. Using the metrics from the analysis we begin sketching out preliminary designs and work our way toward a master plan.

Our commercial clients have complete power over the masterplan and once approved we can then begin sourcing materials, plants, and the tendering process if needed.

Are there maintenance solutions?

Of course. We offer ongoing maintenance and also work with contractors who ensure our commercial garden landscape designs are kept under control. This also extends to replacing damaged lighting, sprinkler systems and more.

Where do you offer services?

Our team offers urban and landscape design in Perth, which includes all suburbs and surrounding outer areas.

What our customers say

“For the apartment complex I own, I wasn’t sure if a garden design team would pay off, at least in terms of boosting value. But, after the guys had finished, the entire place looked different and now renters and buyers are actually pointing out the landscaping as one of their favourite parts of the complex!”

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Robin, Como

“We are part of a joint business building an arcade strip of shops and needed a great central garden area designed for people to sit near and eat. The InTune Landscapers did an incredible job and met all of our requirements – they even made sure to incorporate only local plants so we didn’t have to go overboard on our water use.”5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Jon, Fremantle