Residential Garden Maintenance 

Keeping your gardens in their best shape

Our Benefits

We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our customer’s homes and in doing so, are constantly changing and improving our services. From replanting, irrigation servicing or lawn repair, we’re more than capable of nurturing any garden.

Essential Gardening Services in Perth
We provide a whole range of garden maintenance services in Perth, however, for customers who would like the bare essentials, we’re here to provide this too. If you’d like your lawn routinely mowed, weeds pulled and sprinkler systems checked over once or twice a month, we’re here to help.

Turf Installation or Re-installation
Everyone knows the visual power a newly turfed lawn has, especially the InTune Landscaping team. That’s why we offer lawn maintenance and turf installation services. It’s the easiest way to keep your yard looking incredible, even after issues like washout or tree root growth. There’s no need to stay frustrated with patchy lawns any longer.

Tree Removal
If you’re planning on redesigning your garden and would like to remove an unstable tree, we have the equipment to help you out. Our maintenance services extend to the assessment and removal of tree limbs, entire trees and large stumps too.

Attention to Minor Details
Our team realises that a large part of garden maintenance, and getting your outdoor spaces looking perfect, is paying attention to minor details. We work incredibly precisely when maintaining our customer’s gardens, lawns, trees and more. This means we handle lawn edge trimming, cutting hedges and even maintaining colour coordinated flower beds.

Soil Fertilising and pH Testing
When we work with customers in the long term, we make it a priority to ensure soils remain healthy and don’t become too acidic. Gardens by the sea often have different requirements to those further inland and we take it upon ourselves to keep all plants growing optimally no matter where they’re planted.

Irrigation Repairs and Installation
A large part of our residential gardening service in Perth is making sure that everything in the garden is adequately looked after. Beyond soil fertiliser, we also keep our customer’s plants healthy by offering irrigation maintenance and installation services.

Additional FAQ’s

Do you remove green waste?

Absolutely. If there’s any excess green waste that doesn’t fit into your typical green waste bin we will take care of it at no additional cost. All of our gardening service quotes in Perth include the potential for green waste removal.

If there is a large excess of green waste, let us know prior to your first garden maintenance appointment and we’ll organise a more effective way to remove it. This is especially important for homeowners with overgrown yards as we want to ensure you’re left with a great result and not required to make a few trips to the tip on your own.

Will I need to be home?

You won’t be asked to stay home during our gardening maintenance services. If your front or backyard are both accessible by our team, we will let ourselves in and move on with the maintenance services, clean up and be on our way. This is particularly useful for our customers who request weekday services while they’re at work. This way, you can come home and be greeted by a fantastically manicured yard, the best way to end the day.

Why should I have my garden professionally maintained?

As you will know, keeping a garden maintained is hard work, and often times we leave the task until it’s too late. With our professional gardening services you won’t need to lift a finger to keep weeds from sprouting up in the yard, keep the lawn mowed or tend to the garden beds. You’ll simply be able to relax and look out to a fantastically manicured garden each day.

We also suggest that our Perth customers consider the services of our team to ensure their plants continue to grow in our relatively harsh weather. If you notice that lawn is refusing to grow, plants are dying for no apparent reason or if taller trees continue to weaken, then it might be worth your while to reach out to InTune Landscaping for our exceptional gardening services in Perth.

What our customers say

“Not only did the gardening maintenance team get rid of our jungle of a backyard, but they also transformed it into a completely new, orderly space! My family can actually make use of our yard now”.

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